What is the most important for a balanced yoga practice? Comfort. Comfort on all levels – physical, mental, and spiritual. And the integrity of these three levels is the key element.

When you are wearing an uncomfortable yoga top or too tight yoga pants, you won’t be able to let your thoughts flow, as you will be concerned about the physical discomfort you are experiencing. The same way, if you are worried about something, you may notice changes on the physical level. Your heart rate increases, you cannot control your breath – all this can ruin your practice.

Comfort on the mental and spiritual levels is a talk for another time. Today, we will speak about the physical body. After all, the physical level is the basis that serves as a ground for the development of our mind and spirit. If we do not satisfy our body’s natural needs – food, shelter, relieving nature, protection, and comfort, - we won’t be able to move to the deeper levels.

Let’s face it, clothes mean a lot for those who practice yoga. And we don’t mean it from the viewpoint of style or fashion. Good yoga clothes are, first of all, comfortable clothes. It does not mean you necessarily need to spend hundreds of dollars on yoga clothes and get the best yoga pants and the most expensive yoga top. You can probably find what you need in your wardrobe, if you know what you are looking for.

So, what features will make your clothes good for practicing yoga in them? Let’s find out.

They should not be too tight. This is a number one mistake of those who are choosing yoga clothes. People think that the closer the clothes are to your body, the better. However, that is not always so. At least, not in case with yoga. Compression clothes are good for high-intensity workouts. For yoga, choose clothes that offer a freedom of movement. Otherwise, you won’t be able to get deep into stretches and bends. Your clothes will not allow you to do that. Or, they will tear when you try.

Neither should your clothes be too loose. Otherwise, you might get tangled in all that fabric. A loose top will cover your face and open your upper body in a forward fall. And, if you decide to try a headstand, your face will be covered by the top. This will make breathing more difficult, disrupting your concentration. Loose yoga pants will also fall down in any asana where your legs are above your head.

• Natural fabrics are preferable. Linen and silk are not stretchy enough, so cotton is the best choice. It has flexible fibers that will allow your body to take any shape you choose. This material can boast perfect breathability, so that you can feel comfortable when it gets hot. Another advantage of cotton is that it is very soft against the skin.

• Choose clothes according to your practice. This way, you will always stay comfortable. If you are going for a hot yoga class, form-fitting clothes with minimal coverage – a tank top and shorts – are your best choice. If you are planning a restorative and meditative practice, a soft t-shirt and harem yoga pants are just the thing for you.